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Romsey Organ Works Charterhouse Console

Romsey Organ Works Charterhouse Console

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Here is a unique opportunity to acquire an immaculate Charterhouse console, approved by BEAUTY IN SOUND!

This Charterhouse console was designed by Romsey Organ Works and built by Renatus in 2016. It has remained in the possession the seller since new and it has had very little use. The Seller confirms that the organ console and attached equipment are in full working order.

Having played various Charterhouse consoles before, I can testify to how comfortable they are. Having touchscreens on either side of the keyboards makes you feel encompassed by the organ, and along with high-quality keyboards, pistons, pedals and swell pedals, I can sincerely recommended these consoles.

Included in the sale is a substantial set of speakers - 6 powered loudspeakers and a subwoofer! This will allow adaptable speaker layout, and the spreading out of various divisions.

The organ is currently powered by a Windows 7 PC with 12GB RAM, an Intel Core i3-4150 CPU and 111GB Storage.

Also included in the sale is an Intel SKULL CANYON i7 Gaming NUC with Windows 10,  16GB RAM, 1TB SSD and 3TB USB external storage. The seller states that this computer might need to be reconfigured by the buyer.

Rather unusually, and along with two computers, this organ will also come with two audio interfaces:

  1. Focusrite 18i8
  2. Behringer UMC204HD

The total cost of the organ console, monitors, Hauptwerk software & sample set, speakers, computers and audio interface is within the region of £15,000. Buying the same components with prices in 2024 would now cost you over £20,000.

The design of this console is in response to requests for a contemporary instrument that has the smallest possible footprint. Therefore the Charterhouse console will fit in most spaces. Curved legs are the main design feature that are mirrored by the bench. Cables are routed through the rear legs. Touchscreen monitors float either side of the keyboards with no exposed cabling.


  • Charterhouse console
  • 4 Yamaha HS8 speakers
  • 2 Yamaha HS7 speakers
  • M-Audio BX10 Subwoofer
  • Focusrite 18i8 audio interface
  • Behringer UMC204HD audio interface
  • PC (including activated version of Windows 7)
  • Intel SKULL CANYON i7
  • Hauptwerk 4.2
  • Hereford Cathedral 'XL' sample set


Please refer to the photo gallery to assess the general condition. The seller states that the condition of the entire console is in very good condition, and has had very little use since being bought new in 2016. All the speakers are in good working order, and there are no faulty buttons or keys. The touch screens are in fully-working order, and the Hauptwerk software works without glitches. The seller states that the Intel SKULL CANYON i7 may need to be reconfigured for Hauptwerk, but the PC loads up fine. 

- Richard McVeigh

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