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Romsey Abbey

Romsey Abbey

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An exceptionally-well kept and maintained large history JW Walker organ, located in the town of Romsey in Hampshire, UK. It is widely regarded as one of the best-kept of Walker's historic old organs, and attracts a lot of interest from organists around the world. Apart from when NP Mander added the Tuba in 1982, the organ has been under the care of JW Walker, and with whom it remains today.
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    • Released: 24 August 2023
    • Producer: BIS
    • Location: Romsey, England
    • Organ builder: JW Walker (1858)
    • Stops: 37 (49 in the Extended Edition)
    • Manuals: 3 + pedal (4 + pedal in the Extended Edition)

    Technical information:

    • Sample rate: 48 kHz
    • Bit resolution: 24-bit
    • Channel count: 6 (3 x stereo)
    • Software requirements: Hauptwerk 7 or higher (with iLok account)
    • BIS Overview:

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