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César Franck - The Complete Major Organ Works

César Franck - The Complete Major Organ Works

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10th December 2022 marked César Franck's 200th birthday, so to mark this I asked the guest organist throughout this year to playing something of his during their BIS Organ Recital.

What you hear in this compilation is an amalgamation of everyone's individual performances and presented in a chronical order, starting with this earliest published pieces before ending with the Chorals which Franck finished shortly before his death.

You'll hear organs presented only in the highest quality, and there is a combination of Cathedral Pipe Organs and Hauptwerk. I'm convinced you'll not be able to distinguish between them.

Six Pièces pour Grand Orgue (1863-1864)

  • Fantaisie (Benjamin Bloor, Saint-Ouen)
  • Grande Pièce Symphonique (Richard Brasier, Saint-Ouen)
  • Prélude, Fugue, Variation (John Challenger, Salisbury Cathedral)
  • Pastorale (Marko Sever, Saint-Ouen)
  • Prière (Richard McVeigh, Dudelange)
  • Final (Francesca Massey, Saint-Ouen)
Trois Pièces (1878)
  • Fantaisie (Jeremiah Stephenson, Dudelange)
  • Cantabile (Tim Ravalde, Chichester Cathedral)
  • Pièce héroïque (Colin Walsh, Saint-Ouen)
Trois Chorals (1890)
  • Choral I (Joseph Wicks, Saint-Ouen)
  • Choral II (Richard Brasier, Saint-Ouen)
  • Choral III (Anna Lapwood, Dudelange)

 Please note that if you choose the CD option, this is a 3 CD set due to the overall length.

Whereas YouTube compresses the audio in all of its videos, the audio here is lossless and you'll hear the Cathedral Organ sounding absolutely incredible!

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